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Shots of some 3d models

These are pictures of some 3d models I've made with Blender. Although I'm mostly a programmer, this should show that, to some extent, I am familiar also with the artist side of game and graphics programming. Almost without exception, all my modeling has been low-poly, since the main objective has been to get models usable in games. Click the thumbnails to see the full size version of the pictures.

A typical subject for models has been imaginary cars. Few of the earliest models had actual textures:

Commonly the models were ment to be used in actual games were fixed-size building blocks. The hockey rink made of two halves has a typical texture for a static model, where radiosity baking has been used to add depth (before Blender had support for AO baking).

I have rarely used rendered pictures, but this one makes an exception, since it is a (post-processed) menu background image for a Scorched Earth style 2D game. For reference, below you can also find some typical color-keyed sprites from the game.

Another typical subject was spaceships.

I've spent some time on human modeling as well. The last picture shows a rigged character with a simple walk cycle, but similar experiments with animation have been quite rare.

Some miscellaneous modeled objects below. For some models, such as the one depicting a cow, I have used Sculptris to create more organic forms. (Blender's sculpting and mesh optimization tools are no match to Scluptris'.)

The latest models have had a little more attention on texturing and detail.

I've also made some more complex level structures. The two first pictures show some development of the level geometry for my "Pipe Dream" flyby demo made with Unity 4, and the third one shows a smaller part with baked ambient occlusion for a lightmap.

A few Half-life 2 maps

Because level design/editing is quite close to the subject of 3d modeling, here are some screenshots from my Half-life 2 maps and the Hammer editor: