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Screenshots and video of programs made with QBasic

This page has a collection of screenshots from a few of my graphical QBasic programs, just to point out my long-time interest in graphics programming. There is also a video compilation at the end of the page.


All the following screenshots are in their full 320x200 resolution.

Some investigation of custom drawing techniques and animation:

3D projections from simple orthogonal tests to perspective projections done with basic trigonometry:

At one point, I spent a lot of time on blurring techniques (and generating procedural graphics):

Palette animation:

Games, game graphics (also a RPG-style game map editor):

Tile-based graphics were more or less successful:

I put a lot of effort into software rasterization techniques and 3D-related stuff:

Some (very simple) raytracing:

Miscellaneous graphics techniques:

Sprite graphics and such, even a proper editor for sprites:

Some video showing a few of my old QBasic programs in action

WARNING: May be nauseous / epileptic (some parts have been speeded up, and there is some additional flickering).